No More Bullshit!

Trump 2020 — No More Bullshit, proclaims the banner touting the re-election of a man whose entire presidency is strewn with Bull Shit!

On July 9, 2020, Donald Trump crossed the 20,000 mark for false and misleading claims, according to The Washington Post’s Fact Checker Tally — and there is speculation that he will exceed 25,000 by Election Day. 

Given the above, it comes as no surprise that Trump’s followers often refer to him as “the greatest president this country has ever seen, the only president to work for no money, who takes his paycheck and donates it.” Which is Bullshit! President’s John Kennedy and Herbert Hoover donated their entire salaries — and they didn’t stick U.S. tax-payers with a golf tab soon to exceed $133.8 million.

And, lest we forget, Trump’s frequent trips to his Florida resort of Mar-a-Lago each cost U.S. tax-payers about $3.4 million per visit. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to reckon that Trump 2020 means More Bullshit than ever.



*Banner: Trump 2020 No More Bullshit






Embracing Pink Slime


“Republicans chose as their leader the single most loathsome figure in American public life, a man possessed of not a single human virtue. He would inevitably call them to descend to the moral void where he resides. And when they did — enthusiastically — they showed us not just who he is, but who they are as well.”  — Washington Post Columnist Paul Waldman

The above was posted on April 24, 2019. One year later, the Republicans are still following a leader who recently suggested treating Coronavirus by injecting disinfectant into the body.