Air heads

image by Dan Vojir

The Rev. Dan Vojir wrote that “There is no depth, no substance to the 45th President of the United States. He provides no details, no resources, no factual basis, not even any continuity of any sort to his rhetoric. He seems to think that he doesn’t really need to present any substance, just what he calls ‘common sense’ and ‘gut instincts’ punctuated with ‘I know more about _____________(fill in the blank) than anyone’.

The reverend’s comment succinctly defines the voluminous gas bag known as Donald Trump and, by  extension, his followers. I can understand the disgust with the political status quo that led people to vote for Donald Trump but that was then — and this is now. And now it should be clear to anyone with a shred of objectivity that Trump is a run-away train in search of a wreck.

However, his followers disagree.  They “provide no details, no resources, no factual basis” for their support. They simply reject the reality of Donald Trump and substitute it with a fantasy of their own.


Published in the Daily Gazette February 8, 2018

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