But that was then — and this is now —


I quit the Democratic Party when the Clinton’s and their cohort swarmed the Oval Office in 1993, and I’ve been a political independent ever since. I can understand the frustration and disgust with the political establishment that led people to vote for Donald Trump in 2016. But that was then — and this is now — and now it is clear that Donald Trump is a wanna-be dictator, who is attacking American democracy, the rule of law, and the country’s social and political institutions in an effort to stay in power indefinitely. 

He has stated he could postpone the election, he has threatened to send police to polling stations, He has sent secret federal agents into cities to attack peaceful protesters, and the tried to sabotage the post office to suppress the vote.  And, he is now claiming  — without any objective evidence  what-so-ever — that mail-in ballots are rife with fraud 

He has also indicated that he has no intention of leaving office peacefully. And it is likely that he will declare that an election he does not win is illegitimate, thus setting the stage for on-going strife that will weaken our country and embolden our enemies. 

This election isn’t business as usual between Republicans and Democrats. It’s not another “lesser of two evils” situation, There is no middle ground folks, a vote for  Donald Trump is a vote to turn our country into a Trump-run dictatorship.

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