Trump’s depravity demonstrated

In February, 2020, Donald Trump was very much aware that this nation was facing a deadly pandemic and chose to conceal that fact from the American public while giving wealthy and connected donors a “heads up” so they could use the information to their financial advantage.

The New York Times reported that while President Donald Trump, in February, lied to Americans about the coronavirus outbreak being “very much under control,” his economic advisers at the same time warned wealthy Republican donors and members of a right-wing think tank behind closed doors that a public health crisis of the magnitude expected would severely affect the U.S. and world economy.

On December 7, 2020, NBC News confirmed that there are nearly 15-million  coronavirus cases in the U.S, and more than 250-thousand people have died. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to reckon that Donald Trump is a man who has demonstrated a depraved indifference to the health and well being of “we the people.” 

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