Judge rules against Trump and Eastman: legal expert

Raw Story reports that a federal judge “brought down the hammer” on Donald Trump and law professor John Eastman over their efforts to overturn the 2020 election, and a legal expert analyzed the ruling that found they “likely committed” multiple crimes as part of the scheme…

“In short, Judge Carter concluded, ‘this plan was a last-ditch attempt to secure the Presidency by any means,'” Wehle wrote. “It violated the Constitution and, per Eastman’s own admission, ‘several provisions of statutory law.’ Eastman knew it. Trump knew it. And to this day, the world knows it.”

The judge found ample evidence that Trump and Eastman were trying to pressure vice president Mike Pence to disrupt the joint session of Congress, and Carter found that Trump almost certainly knew his justification was baseless, because his own officials had told him there was no election fraud and more than 60 courts dismissed his election challenges.



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