Surprise — Elise Stefanik doesn’t want to hear from her constituents!

I e-mailed the following letter to Congresswoman Stefanik, and asked if it was true? — wfw

Surprise — Elise Stefanik doesn’t want to hear from her constituents!

I tried to contact her suggesting that she should demand that Justice Clarence Thomas recuse himself from cases related to the 2020 election. By now it is common knowledge that his wife was involved in attempts to overturn the election and events leading up to the insurrection. My email was rejected because it was too long — over 500 characters! Guidelines for emails to members of Congress suggest that they be a maximum of 500 words. Mine was 152 words. A 500 character limit on email to a congressperson is nonsense. Is Ms. Stefanik’s staff (whose salaries we pay) too busy to read my email? By the way, this letter to the editor is the length of my email to the congresswoman. Do you think it is too long?

Michael C. Sinclair


It’s true! I received the response below: — wfw

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Check it out.

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