What goes around…

Atheist activist Chaz Stevens has sent a delightful letter to Miami-Dade County asking that the Bible and any book mentioning the Bible be banned on the exact same grounds people want to ban all of the other books.

His complaints include: Age Appropriateness, Bestiality and Rape, Wokenness, and Social-Emotional Learning.

Also — “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is the exact sort of woke, Social Emotional Learning that good, decent Republicans are fighting against all over America. The kind of nonsense that destroys our beautiful American tradition of bullying children who are different badly enough so that they move far, far away as soon as they graduate, leaving small towns blissfully free of adult nonconformists. Children don’t need to learn “empathy” or “how to navigate social situations” from school. They can learn it from their parents and those that don’t will just shoot the school up anyway before they graduate and no one will have to deal with them after that. Just the way God intended.

This Florida Atheist’s Bible Banning Petition Is Goddamn DelightfulRobyn Pennacchia Wonkette April 23, 2022


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