Republican Taliban Alert – Update April 27, 2022

Today it’s burning books, tomorrow it’ll be burning dissidents at the stake. Of course, he’s wearing a flag pin so that makes it patriotic. — wfw

A Republican Tennessee state congressman on Wednesday openly advocated for burning books during a debate in the state’s House of Representatives.

As flagged by the Associated Press’s Kimberlee Kruesi, the remark came when Tennessee State Rep. Jerry Sexton was asked by Democratic State Rep. John Ray Clemmons what he planned to do with all the books he’s been pushing to get rid of with his proposed House Bill 2666.

“Let’s say you take these books out of the library — what are you going to with them?” asked Clemmons. “You gonna put ’em on the street? Light ’em on fire? Where are they going.”

“I don’t have a clue, but I would burn ’em,” replied Sexton.

As described by local news station WSMV, House Bill 2666 seeks “to change what materials will be allowed in schools due to the belief that specific materials should not be available for students due to inappropriate content.”


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