Elise lies, and lies, and lies…

David Badash, (The New Civil Rights Movement) recent commentary on Raw Story, underscores the fact that GOP Chair, Elise Stefanik, lies as a matter of course. It’s what she does. — wfw

It’s no secret there is a national baby formula shortage, but many in the GOP and on the right are falsely claiming it is the job of the federal government to ensure the supermarket shelves are stocked with food for infants. Ironically and hypocritically these are the same right-wingers who have been charging everyone on the left with their derogatory slur “socialists,” which is exactly what having the federal government manufacture or supply baby formula would be.

The right isn’t bothering to educate Americans about the problem or its causes, so I will: A small number (4) of multinational conglomerates own the baby formula marketthe Trump administration entered into a trade agreement that makes it difficult and expensive to import baby formulaa voluntary recall of reportedly bacteria-contaminated formula after four infants got sick and two of them diedhoarding, and price-gouging.

Instead, they falsely insist, just like the high price of gas, it’s Joe Biden’s fault.


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