He knew, but he lied anyway — and Elise Stefanik doesn’t care

Martha Hodges letter to the editor (Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 16, 2022) calls out Trump’s toady — wfw

To me, the most disturbing takeaway from the Jan. 6 investigation is confirmation that Trump knew there was no election fraud, but he lied anyway. Testimony under oath by his loyalists (including Attorney General William Barr) document how Trump was told time and again that no evidence was found despite numerous investigations. And still, he lied.

Trump was informed that the Proud Boys were an extremist right-wing militia hate group. But he lied anyway, calling them fine people and continuing to encourage their agitation at Black Lives Matter rallies (while blaming it on the imaginary antifa).

Trump knew the election wasn’t “stolen.” But he lied anyway, heightening the outrage that led to the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection in hopes of stopping the legitimate transfer of power. The fact that he didn’t call in National Guard reinforcements to help the Capitol police who were being bludgeoned and injured reveals that “Back the Blue” was just another lie.

And every unscrupulous politician who stood behind him, ignoring his dishonesty, his disregard for rule of law and his obsessive demand for absolute power is culpable in the harm done to the integrity of our government; Rep. Elise Stefanik being one of his most willing puppets.                                                                                                            ####

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