Richard Bittner’s letter to the editor (Post Star June 16, 2022) makes it clear that he has had enough of Trump’s accomplice, Elise Stefanik

Regarding the public hearing about the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. Many Republicans are poised to defend former president Trump. Rep. Elise Stefanik of N.Y. said Wednesday the committee’s “shameless prime-time show” is nothing but a “smear campaign against the former president, his party and his supporters.” Our representative would have us believe that an investigation into an attempt by the former president and his inner circle to overturn the will of the American voters and install the losing candidate as president is theater. Nothing to see.

Imagine if you will that the shoe was on the other foot. The very next day, Congresswoman Stefanik voted no on a modest step toward curbing gun violence against school children, saying: “As far-left Democrats double down on their unconstitutional agenda that shreds our Second Amendment rights, I will continue to stand up for the Constitution and push for solutions.” Like what? Increased mental health care? She votes against public health measures and has not proposed anything that resembles a coherent policy. Instead she calls the other party names instead of reaching out to them to try to craft a solution.

What folks want is for their kids to go to school and not get killed, and Elise, while protecting us from the nonexistent threat of CRT (which is not being taught in public schools), has it that an AR-15 assault rifle in the hands of a deranged 18-year-old is fine. And she is working to make it easier to carry concealed weapons anywhere in N.Y., perhaps without a license. Enough.                                                                             ####

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