“…all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

A substantial number of rank and file republicans still support the traitor, Donald Trump, and his treasonous allies. –wfw

After watching a clip of Rep. Jim Jordan on Fox News on Sunday, former Republican Party advisor Tara Setmayer went on an extensive rant about the Ohio Republican who will soon chair the House Judicial Committee.

During her appearance on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show,” Setmayer made a point of noting that the GOP lawmaker is likely being investigated by the DOJ and that his committee will be overseeing their work.

“I want to remind people who Jim Jordan is,” Setmayer told host Jonathan Capehart. “Jim Jordan is potentially under investigation by the Department of Justice. He is now about to become the chairman of the Judiciary Committee which has direct oversight of the Department of Justice; there’s something incredibly wrong with that.”

“Jim Jordan was an insurrectionist,” she charged. “He was one the people in those backdoor deals with Rudy Giuliani and all those others to overturn the fair election in this country. He now has the power of the gavel, of the oversight committee for the Department of Justice. This is what people have voted into power.”



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