AT&T and DirecTV drop Newsmax — conservative poseurs claim censorship

There’s nothing conservative about Trump’s Dead-enders, as evidenced by their actions on January 6, 2020. –wfw

The “head of Newsmax played the white right victimhood card,” they were dropped was for their political views. That is 100% a lie. The GOP wants to force businesses to do what they want or suffer consequences like their beloved Putin does in Russia.” — Sirius XM host and attorney Dean Obeidallah

Republicans in both the House and Senate are falsely screaming “censorship” and threatening to haul executives from DirecTV and AT&T in to testify before cameras in congressional hearings after the digital satellite TV service provider dropped Newsmax over the far-right wing, pro-Trump channel’s demand for higher fees.

DirecTV is majority-owned by multinational telecom giant AT&T, which has a history of donating to far-right extremist Republicans. AT&T also spent millions to fund the creation of another far-right channel, One America News Network, better known as OAN or OANN. Last year Newsweek reported “AT&T sits atop a list of corporate donors to U.S. senators and congressmembers who voted against certifying the election for Biden.”



Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has warned the College Board that his state will reject a revised Advanced Placement African American studies course “designed to appease extremists like the Florida Governor and his allies.”


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