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Title says it all. — wfw

Marjorie Taylor Greene: I saw marijuana ‘zombies’ in NYC

Marjorie Taylor Greene saw marijuana “zombies” wandering around New York City when she visited to protest the arrest of former President Donald Trump, she complained Sunday.

The Georgia Republican’s comment was in response to a New York Post article that bemoaned how decriminalized weed had led to “proliferating mayhem,” clouds of pungent smoke throughout the city and stoned service staff.

“A license to get high has turned service employees into zombies,” the opinion piece opined.

“I saw them when I went there to protest against the weaponization of government against President Trump by a George Soros funded DA,” the congresswoman tweeted.

Greene spent barely any time in the city, giving a short speech at a protest before fleeing in an SUV as she was heckled by crowds of opponents.

Marijuana use in New York was legalized in 2021.


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