It’s time to tell the GOP to fuck off!

Progressives Urge Senate Dems to Ditch Tradition That’s Allowing GOP to Veto Biden Judges

“Senate Democrats should eliminate every barrier possible” to confirm President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees, said Indivisible

With Democrats hoping to confirm dozens more federal judges following President Joe Biden’s milestone of appointing 100 new members of the judiciary, progressives on Friday said the party has no choice but to eliminate a tradition they say has been exploited by Republicans to block the president’s nominees.

Advocacy group Alliance for Justice said Democratic leaders, particularly Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) must make a choice: They can “transform our federal courts by confirming so many more judges with a respect for the rights of all of us,” or they can allow Republicans to continue the tradition of using so-called “blue slips” to reject nominees.

The Senate “can’t do both,” said the group.\



Marjorie Taylor Greene demands ‘safe spaces’ for conservatives: ‘We deserve it!’

GOP will ‘suffer’ because it’s led by ‘freaks’ like Marjorie Taylor Greene’: analyst

Arizona Republicans slammed for broadcasting ‘parade of ever-more dubious conspiracy theorists’


Trump dead-enders in a race to the bottom

Updated February 23, 2023

It’s obvious that the Republican Party has morphed into a real-life “Idiocracy. underscored by a reverence for stupidity that cannot be denied — and run by a clique of misfits akin to MTG who rails against the “Gazpacho police,”(1) who  “fragrantly (2) and horrifically” violate our due-process rights. You can’t make this up… — wfw



National divorce would be ‘devastating’ for red states — here’s why

Greene blasted for ‘parroting Kremlin talking points’ after Biden visits Kyiv

Marjorie Taylor Greene shredded for saying Black people should be ‘proud’ to see Confederate monuments

‘Freak show’ Marjorie Taylor Greene is too powerful to be ignored: conservative author

How ‘vile’ MAGA Republicans are painting Ohio’s environmental nightmare as a ‘war on white people’

‘Stay in Hollywood’: Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests movie ban in ‘national divorce’ rant

‘Incredibly insulting’: Marjorie Taylor Greene slams Biden’s Ukraine visit

‘People in the asylum have taken control’: Michigan GOP operative sounds alarm about party’s new leader

MTG says US should be ‘bombing Mexican cartels’ and ‘Antifa BLM rioters’ instead of ‘aiding’ Ukraine

Marjorie Taylor Greene compares Ashli Babbitt to George Floyd

Rep. Lauren Boebert raged against historic performance of ‘Black national anthem’ at the Super Bowl

“Lift Every Voice and Sing” was written as a poem by the NAACP leader James Weldon Johnson in 1900 and used as a rallying cry for Black Americans during the civil-rights movement.

‘The party of a yowling Marjorie Taylor Greene’ is going to hand Biden a second term: conservative columnist

‘A tightwire act’: GOP committee head saddled with keeping Marjorie Taylor Greene and Boebert under control

Dingbat, Lauren Boebert, Deconstructed

Updated February 25, 2023

‘”She lives in some sort of weird, you know, firearms Disneyland where everybody has guns and everybody shoots everybody all the time, It’s insane, it’s just insane.”

— Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson



Tasty Karma: Lauren Boebert’s gun-theme restaurant replaced by Mexican eatery

Trump’s dead-enders are at each other’s throats

“An Enemy of the People” – New Hampshire Republicans Offer Resolution to Censure Mitch McConnell

New Hampshire Republicans are offering up a resolution at the state’s convention on Saturday to censure Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell made funding Ukraine his highest priority this past year. Mitch not only forgot about funding Republican senate candidates, he openly badmouthed Republicans while he funded horrible Independent candidate Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. Mitch truly is the enemy of the people.



The Violent Far-Right Terrorist Threat to the Republican Party and American Conservatism

Republicans confront bitter divide; no clear path forward

They are without shame — update February 2023

Schoharie County government defies state order to reinstate health director

Dr. Amy Gildemeister was unanimously approved for a new contract by the county Board of Health, but the supervisors’ board has refused to authorize her salary.

Rachel Silberstein Jan. 27, 2023Updated: Jan. 27, 2023 3:22 p.m.

SCHOHARIE — Defying a direct order from New York’s health commissioner to reinstate Schoharie County’s longtime health director, the county Board of Supervisors — which previously criticized the ousted health official’s implementation of state COVID-19 guidelines — has locked her out of county offices and put an interim health officer in her place, according to email communications obtained by the Times Union.

Amy Gildemeister, who has served the county for nine years, was unanimously reappointed for another term by the county Board of Health in December, but the county supervisors, who act as the rural county’s legislative body, have refused to authorize her salary.



Lee County, Florida, Republican Party Passes Resolution To Ban Covid-19 Vaccines

Gildemeister resigns as county’s Public Health head

What did the Congresswoman know?

Update: January 24, 2023 Elise Stefanik under fire from donors for suckering them in with George Santos endorsement

Elise Stefanik has yet to comment on her unquestioning support for serial lier, George Santos which comes as no surmise given that she has yet to comment on Donald Trump’s call to terminate the U.S. Constitution and reinstate him as president. — wfw

Peter Wilson (Lake Clear, NY) letter to the editor was published in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise on January 20, 2023.

An open letter to Rep. Elise Stefanik.

As the new Congress — and its close-to-even split between Republicans and Democrats — gets to work, New York state has had the dubious distinction of attracting attention, not for any great acts of statesmanship, but for the gall exhibited by a man (from downstate) who won his election having spewed lie, after lie, after lie, and on and on. 

For New York’s Republican Party, one might call the victory part of the “Red-Faced Wave.” They stepped up last week, admitted they’d done a terrible job of fact-checking (lie-checking?) and called on Rep.* Santos (or whatever name he goes by) to resign.

But what of the House of Representatives’ highest-ranking New Yorker, our own 21st Congressional District’s Rep. Elise Stefanik, the Republican caucus chairperson? She campaigned hard for Mr. Santos during her all-out push for the 2022 — disappointing — Red Wave. She even lent the candidate the expertise of her top political aides, but has she stepped up to publicly insist he bow out with whatever shred of grace he might maintain? No.

Most recently, we have learned that Congressperson* Santos wasn’t as expert, as news consumers might have assumed, at covering his tracks and preventing the voting public from uncovering his shams and scams. Some of his own staff, several deep-pocket donors, even some members of the New York GOP establishment expressed grave concerns long before he was chosen to be the candidate. How could it be that the Leader Number Three in the House GOP, and such a powerful campaign voice on Santos’ behalf, was utterly fooled?

I respectfully request that Congresswoman Stefanik do something other than sweep this issue under the rug. You, Rep. Stefanik, have done your best to avoid commenting, leaving me (and probably at least a few others constituents) wondering whether you were either, one, an unwitting victim, or two, fully aware and thus part of Santos’ scam, turning a blind-eye, sacrificing integrity (yours, and that of the GOP, the state and Congress) in the interest of winning at any cost. If your answer is Number One, shame on you for your lack of due diligence; if it’s Number Two, shame on you for your brazen greed for political power.

Representative Stefanik, admit that the GOP shot itself in the foot in the case of Rep.* Santos. You helped foist him upon the people of your state, you should be part of ushering him out – sooner rather than later, before any more deceptions (as entertaining as they can be) are uncovered, any more “shoes drop.”

(* Like sports statistics that reflect special circumstances, this Long Island Congressman holds his title under a shadow of controversy, shame, and dishonesty. His name should henceforth be marked with an asterisk.) ####


Stefanik nothing more than Trump toady

Stefanik was missing at Capitol memorial