There’s nothing friendly about “friendly fire.”

And, if you’re a grunt, you’re nothing more tan a tool of war to be used — or abused — as required by the powers that be. — wfw

A fatal mistake:The truth behind a Marine Corp lie and broken promises — NCPR News

All these years later, the Marines who survived are still haunted by the blinding flash and the piercing screams.

“I knew who some of the guys were that got hit,” Chris Covington remembers, “because I recognized their screams.”

On the night of April 12, 2004, a deadly explosion rocked a schoolhouse in Fallujah, Iraq, where U.S. troops had set up a temporary base. Two Marines died and a dozen were wounded, some severely.


The Bible, with its references to rape, incest, and murder should be number one on the list

Florida bill would instantly ban books based on a single objection from one resident by Matthew Chapman

Florida has attracted nationwide controversy as new censorship measures put in place by Gov. Ron DeSantis have driven some schools to empty their bookshelves to keep up with a wave of right-wing activists demanding the review of any books mentioning racial or sexual orientation issues.

In fact, things have gotten so extreme that one school was even forced to pull a documentary about civil rights icon Ruby Bridges.

But things could just be getting started. As Greg Sargent noted in The Washington Post on Wednesday, a new bill advancing in the legislature with DeSantis’ support could formally require schools to ban any book, pending review, if even a single parent complains about it.