Time to imprison Trump and his coven of conspirators – updated April 23, 2022

Mega-Dittos to Doug Thompson at Capitol Hill Blue

Many in the mob he incited to invade the Capitol, kill police and others and threaten the very existence of our democracy are facing trials. Why aren’t Trump and his mob.

Stop pussyfooting. It’s past the time to charge the disgraced, corrupt former president of our nation and throw the son-of-a-bitch in jail to rot as a reminder that this is a democratic republic and not a fiefdom for a criminal pretend-dictator who spent four years plotting the U.S. treasury and killing people with his failure to act decisively against the pandemic that has killed millions worldwide.

Donald Trump is a toxin that must be excised from the body of an America he continues to try to destroy. Many of the mob he incited to invade the Capitol, kill and injure police officers and threaten to kill elected representatives of our government are facing justice now before the courts, but the man who incited this must also pay the price for his criminal activity and treasonous actions.

Not only should Trump be behind bars, so should corrupt attorney Rudy Giuliani and others who helped Trump try to overturn the legal will of the voters. This wasn’t “free speech,” as they claim. It was, and continues to be, an open rebellion against the Constitution and the American way of life.

It is pathetic that the primary Republican who seems to have more balls than any of her counterparts is Mary Cheney. She stands tall over the traitorous House Minority Leader Keven McCarthy and others of his ilk.


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