“She never met a back she wouldn’t stab”

June Woodward’s letter to the editor (Post Star, June 7, 2022) calls out Elise Stefanik’s penchant  for lying — and her supporters acceptance of her on-going bull-shittery. — wfw

Just a reminder to Stefanik’s misguided supporters claiming that The Lincoln Project puts out horrendous filth. That “filth” comes directly from Stefanik’s own mouth! She accused innocent people of being “pedo-grifters,” and constantly repeats conspiracy lies that people believe and then act on them, killing innocent people! Anyone who supports Stefanik needs to reassess their morals! Trying to blame Democrats for what she says and how she acts is a desperate political ploy!

The ad will not backfire on Democrats because it shares proven facts about her behavior. She has clearly spoken her lies to the members of Congress in open floor debates! All of which are recorded!

Stefanik supporters have stooped to a new low accepting her lies as facts. The Lincoln Project is exposing her lies for all to see. And the best part is, a group of Republicans are the original group that formed The Lincoln Project! Don’t like what they are doing? Then tell Elise to shut her lying mouth!

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