“These people are traitors to our country”

Al Scoonzarielli’s letter to the editor (Post Star, June 17, 2022) excoriates Fox News, Republican Party officials, and Trump’s useful idiots for spreading lies on behalf of the traitor, Donald Trump. — wfw

Is anyone surprised that Fox said they won’t be covering the Jan. 6 hearings? No shocker there but I’m amazed that they said it out loud. They usually keep their listeners in the dark by quiet omission. It seems Fox can’t trust it’s audience with the truth, so they edited out the actual violence in the attack. Then they downplayed the violence with a false narrative. You’d think that they couldn’t get away with this but their viewers see what they want to see and then defend that narrative. It is a closed loop where the propaganda reinforces the lie resulting in a massive barrier to truth and reality. Rupert Murdoch and his family have probably hurt this country more than the Trump family even has.

Fox and the other right-wing outlets like OAN, Newsmax and the others continuously broadcast propaganda with their lies, disinformation and deceit while the Trumpites and co-conspirators keep repeating and thereby institutionalizing the false narratives. It was leaders like Rep. Stefanik who violated her Congressional Oath of Office to vote against accepting The People’s vote, knowing full well this lie made her action criminal. Then she promotes the millions she has delivered to our area. Does she think she can buy our votes while selling out our precious democracy? We’re not for sale.

These people are traitors to our country, just like Benedict Arnold who attempted to turn over West Point to the British for money. Had he been caught, he would have been hung. We are being attacked by Trump and right-wing extremists who wish to rule without our consent. We fought the Revolutionary War for that right. We won’t surrender it so easily. There you go! Salud!                                                                                 ####

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